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[#123] Parker 51 Teal Blue w/ R.Silver Cap Aerometric - $200 SGD

Maker / Model
Parker 51 Teal Blue w/ R.Silver Cap Aerometric
Cap is in good shape, no dents or large scratches. slight surface micro scratches.
Barrel in excellent condition.clear imprints, i date this pen to be 1952 and beyond as it is made without a date code on the barrel.
Filling System
Restored with a new sac.
Repairs Done
Condition Rating


Condition Rating

  • Mint/NOS : Shows no signs of use, no cosmetic fault except minor drawer wear.  Mostly used for new old stock(NOS) and uninked pens
  • Excellent: Everything is original to the pen, very slight surface scratches and/or wear to trims/clips. No repairs done.
  • Fine: slight surface scratches, slight wear to trims/clips. no major repair done. May have reproduction filler parts but exterior must be original.
  • Usergrade: may have non original parts, worn trims/clips,  scratches  and major repairs.
  * Custom: non original parts, usually sold in excellent condition otherwise stated.
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